Monday, June 11, 2012

Maybe It's Not As Easy As ABC, 123...

The one thing that I realized the most from my fellow blogging buddies this weekend is that sustainability is an extremely complicated issue! Not even the issue itself but the contributing factors enabling unstainability in our design fields. The way that this was brought to my attention was simply by all of the different focuses my blogging group were able to present. Each one of us representing a different cause and effect to the problems of unstainability. My group presented and discussed issues such as: high prices when it comes to sustainable products and how those prices could reduce with procedures such as recycling, how animal cruelty is a contributor to unstainable design regarding well being and how clothing companies should label cruelty free made products to inform consumers, how consumers could find value in high priced sustainable products and in turn make more sustainble product purchases, and last but not least how as designers we can make a great contribution towards sustainable design in both the designer and consumer roles. From all of this I realized that for sustainable design to really take the new light in all products and turn around the way of both the interior and fashion worlds a social paradigm has to happen. Sadly I don't think that fixing one part of the unstainable equation will fix the issue of unstainable design its self but I do believe any change no matter how small will help!! In the end information and communication is what need to be enhanced to create a social paradigm! This is what I understood to be as the important lesson learned this week.
Understanding this lesson and returning to my previous post, I find relevance personally by looking as myself as a designer  that can do just what I have learned to do, design. I can design sustainable products to give my contribution to the sustainable movement. Besides doing my part as a designer I can also help raise awareness to consumers by informing them about the harmful effects unstainable products and practices. I can also take a positive part in sustainable design by holding myself to a high standard as a consumer. Using the knowledge I have about sustainability to make effort to purchase, recycle, and care for sustainable products. 
I hope to discover more products and companies that contribute to sustainable well being as I continue to learn more in this course. I also would like to learn how I as a designer could help inform consumers about sustainable design and about any organizations that are speaking out to consumers about sustainability. I would also like to discover more ways to recycle both interior and apparel goods and the process of how creating new products from recycled ones can be facilitated. 
It may not be a simple problem to solve but if we simply try to help the movement  a sustainable conciseness world its better than nothing to me!

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