Monday, June 18, 2012

No Longer In The Dark

The most important thing I learned this week was just how bad our waste issues are in the world! I didn't realize how detrimental all of our waste is to the earth but now through all of the readings, research, and interaction with my blogging group I have found a new understanding! I learned that its not just what a product is made of but how its made and what is used to make it really matters. Waste is more than just the trash we take to the dumpster, it is the water used, the chemicals intertwined in the product making and so much more. Learning this is valuable to me not only as a consumer but as a designer as well. 

From a consumer standpoint I have become more aware of how I need to be cautious of how I get rid of different products and how often as well. I do not currently participate in recycling but after learning what I did this week I am interested in doing my small part. As a designer I can apply what I have learned by being more aware how I design products by not only using sustainable design methods but establishing how the product I design is made, where it is made, and what chemicals, energy, and water is used in production. I can help consumers use sustainable practices and enable them to recycle or reuse products in an up cycling by the design I establish. If I make a difference as a designer I am enabling consumers to make a difference and that right there is what can change the step slope to destruction into an upward slope to a self sustaining thriving environment. 

As I believe that designers can make such a difference i want to learn more about the LEED and GOTS Manual. I would like to dig in deep and understand each standard they establish. Also I am really interested to learn how these optional requirements could become required regulations. What would it take to enable all designers to adopt these principles? What actions would need to be made to start the progress of getting the LEED and GOTS Manual a required guide? Who should we present this idea too? 

I am glad my eyes have been opened through all the information I learned this week! It is crazy to think how in the dark I have been and It makes me want to make more informed decisions in my personal and professional decisions and help inform consumers of all the waste that is resulted from some of the products they use everyday as well as providing better alternative options. 

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